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About Heyhairsalons.com.au

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Welcome to the Australia´s most updated site for finding hair salons, hairdressers and stylists. Heyhairsalons.com.au guides you to 20325 hairdressers in Australia! Here you find...
  • Locations for 20325 hairdressers
  • Venue descriptions, that the hairdressers keep up to date
  • Thousands of reviews and ratings from users
  • Thousands of daily updated photos from hairdressers (via Instagram)
  • Basic information like address, phone number, opening hours etc.
Our popularity-ranking between 0 and 10 indicates how popular the hairdressers are on Facebook. The ranking is based on visitors ("checkins"), Facebook-likes and a number of other factors. The ranking is updated weekly!

The site is optimized for use both on desktop and on mobile.

help us make this site better!

If you help us out, Heyhairsalons.com.au gets better! You can:
  • Review and comment on hairdressers
  • Upload images, via Instagram, geographically located at the right hairdresser.
  • Change basic information for hairdressers, for example the address or opening hours. Please help us to keep contact details up-to-date, by clicking on "Change info" on the page in question!

Are you the owner of a hairdresser?

Help us keep the information on Heyhairsalons.com.au up-to-date. You can change...
  • The venue description: Please go the your page on the site and update the venue description and the basic information about the hairdresser. Click on the links "Update description" or "Change info".
  • The ranking: To give your venue a better ranking on the site, please ask your visitors to "check in" at your place via Facebook. You can also encourage your visitors to like your page on Facebook. More checkins and likes on Facebook results in a better ranking for your venue!
  • Photos: To get more and better photos on the site, encourage your visitors to take photos on Instagram, and to tag them geographically, with your venue, when they upload it. You can also post images via Instagram, yourself.
Please note that always will be TOTALLY FREE to have your venue listed on Heyhairsalons.com.au. The site gets it's revenues from ads - NOT from and hidden fees from hairdressers. That way we can keep the site independent and unbiased.

Add a hairdresser on the site...

Is a hairdresser missing? This is how you add it:
  1. Check that the hairdresser is on Facebook. Are you not sure? Go to Facebook and search for the hairdresser.
  2. If the hairdresser is NOT on Facebook, go to Facebook and add it here. Choose the alternative "Local Business or Place".
  3. Double check the the information about the venue is correct and that the venue has been correctly positioned on the map on Facebook.
  4. Check that your venue is correctly categorized, as hair salon.
  5. When the venue is on Facebook, people can "check in" there using Facebook on mobile. Please encourage your visitors to do that! If more people check in, the venue will get a much better ranking on HeyHairsalons.
It is TOTALLY FREE to list your venue. Both on Facebook and on Heyhairsalons.com.au.

Who runs Heyhairsalons.com.au?

Who runs Heyhairsalons.com.au:
Ted Valentin
Ted Valentin,
Ted Valentin
Fanny Listherby,
content manager
Our Advisory Board:
Jonatan Heyman
Jonatan Heyman,
technical advisor

Contact us:

  • Are you running a hairdresser and want to change your information on Heyhairsalons.com.au? For example the venue description, address, phone number, opening hours and more? Follow the instructions here.
  • Do you want to change the information on the site for some other reason? Follow the instructions here.
If you have a more complicated question, contact us on

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